Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things are heating up for the Sunshine Designers! I know I'm a bit late posting, with Easter and all (okay, who am I kidding...I'm always a bit late ;) but I wanted to put this up just in case you haven't heard:
The Sunshine Girls are looking for some Sunshine Sweeties!

3 layouts a month
Post in 3-4 galleries, including DST
Have fun!!!

If you’re interested please send an email to amandakay@cablelynx.com with a short bio and a link to your best gallery!

Call ends March 31st!!

LOL, so hurry quick to get those e-mails in--we're running out of time!

Also, just in case you missed the coupon inside the golden egg at the Sunshine blog, I wanted to clue you in:
So pick your favorite store and go have fun! ;)


Amanda said...

You've been tagged check out my blog

midzi bitsy's said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie said...

Adriane, in case you ever visit your blog again (lol) I've tagged you!


Miss you!

lisa said...

So fun to VT you today! Your stuff is so so cute!! I have a lot of digi scrapper friends so I will put a link onto my blog to yours. They will love it. Let me know when you get the store up and running. . .
Lisa Forsyth