Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things are heating up for the Sunshine Designers! I know I'm a bit late posting, with Easter and all (okay, who am I kidding...I'm always a bit late ;) but I wanted to put this up just in case you haven't heard:
The Sunshine Girls are looking for some Sunshine Sweeties!

3 layouts a month
Post in 3-4 galleries, including DST
Have fun!!!

If you’re interested please send an email to amandakay@cablelynx.com with a short bio and a link to your best gallery!

Call ends March 31st!!

LOL, so hurry quick to get those e-mails in--we're running out of time!

Also, just in case you missed the coupon inside the golden egg at the Sunshine blog, I wanted to clue you in:
So pick your favorite store and go have fun! ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Found Me!!!

Welcome to the Sunshine Sweets 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt!" The Sunshine Girls (and surprise... we've added a Mr. Sunshine to our little designer group) hope you enjoy our newest collaborative freebie "Sunshine Sweets".

In the spirit of a traditional Easter Egg hunt we've decided to send you on a little, and VERY easy, hunt for our freebies! Simply click on my egg and download my freebie... inside your download will be my portion of "Sunshine Sweets" along with the link to the blog of another Sunshine Girl (or guy! LOL) just follow that link and click on THEIR egg...their download will contain the link for the next blog... and so on and so on...

Oh! and what would be an Easter hunt without the GOLDEN EGG?? Somewhere during your hunt, you will download the Golden Egg, this link will take you to somewhere where you've NEVER been before, someplace NEW and VERY exciting!! This new place will have a great surprise for you (and only you, our loyal egg hunters)! This surprise will also contain a link that will help you continue on your hunt until at last your journey brings you back to my little blog... where your hunt will be complete!

No hurry...all of our links will be active for plenty long enough for you all to find your eggs, crack them open and enjoy your sweets in time for Easter! So, get busy...have fun and have a great Easter!!!



Click on my egg to download my part from 4shared! Make sure you unzip it to get your next clue! No fair just clicking on the blinkies--don't forget there's a hidden SURPRISE link that no one knows about, so you HAVE to check your clues!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Scott!

It's been busy. Should I leave it at that?

No WAY!! You need to know what we (the Sunshine gang) have been up to!

Pictures are worth a thousand words each, and I have several:



Need I say more? We've been BUSY!!! And now we have this kit for you! It is our first "REAL" kit...as in it will cost you money. But listen to this!!!

"Here it is--the MEGA collab collection from the Sunshine Girls! This kit is jam-packed with both sunny and shabby goodness! It includes over 80 unique papers and over 280 elements, including floral and glittery overlays, brackets and mats, along with 7 alphabets--over 750mb all together!"

Wowza! It's worth a million billion dollars, but you can get the whole Mega for $10!!! Plus then there's always the matching glitter, styles, and quickpages sold separately! It's probably the most beautiful kit I've ever seen in my life (and I am totally unbiased of course!).

And I'm a little late for St. Paddy's day, but I thought I might throw in a teensy freebie--since you read this whole thing!

PLUS stay tuned for tomorrow, when we unveil our Fantabulous Easter Freebie during our Easter Egg Hunt!!! There may even be MORE to unveil, but my lips are sealed.

Snag your freebie here.