Sunday, November 18, 2007

My First Scrapping Post!

Well *hello* everyone!!! Welcome to my scrapping blog! This is where I plan on posting some freebies and asking for constructive criticism on my layouts and designing play. Most of you are probably here wondering about the digi-scrap freebie of awesomeness that you've heard about over at Ellie's Sugar Snap Scraps. I can't even tell you how much fun I am having over there! We're pretty much going to have the biggest, most fantastical, gorgeous kit you've ever seen in your life. SO stay tuned!

Now I warn you, I am very NEW. I love Photoshop and have used it for a long long time, but I have only started actually digiscrapping and designing very, practically yesterday. Although I've been collecting freebies for quite a while now! You could pretty much say I'm ADDICTED, (thus my blog title). I am a very busy SAHM to a 4-month-old darling boy that you will be seeing a lot of I am sure. He also means I won't have oodles of time to devote to my computer. So I unfortunately won't be posting stuff every day... but that will just up the suspense, right? Right.

Anywho, welcome to my blog, be excited for our kit, and I will see you all shortly!

OOOH...and what do you think of my Alpha? It's just a tantalizing look into our kit of awesomeness!!! So come back to pick it up, eh?